Leaving people and things better than I found them

True engagement that combines experience from three perspectives’

‘Leaving people and things better than I found them’
that is the motto driving Studio Croon. This is realised through a combination of conceptual knowledge and hands-on experience. 

Bringing hands-on experience from a range of perspectives.
In roles as change- and turn-aroundmanager in Mammoet and The Clean Energy Company (now part of SHV Energy) I built experience in hands-on strategy development and execution in a B2B context. Before that, I worked as strategy and corporate finance consultant (Nolan, Norton & Co. and Chestnut Corporate Finance) which provided me with a conceptual background. Through experience in my role as investment manager (NPM Capital and SHV) I can help management understand the investor’s perspective.



Exposure to challenging situations taught me how strategy and execution can make a difference. I worked in multinational contexts with companies in all stages of the life-cycle; from small start-ups to worldwide market leaders. I know what makes entrepreneurs tick and I am used to making a difference in dynamic business contexts (for details see Linkedin).